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Puppy Parties

The aim of holding puppy party sessions is two-fold:

  1. To encourage socialisation with other puppies during the most important period of socialisation in a puppy’s life - between four to twelve weeks old. Puppy parties ensure that puppies at EVG have the opportunity to socialise with other pets at this age.
  2. To provide a relaxed and informal environment to discuss various topics of preventative health including vaccination, parasite control and neutering. Other topics discussed are how to examine your puppy at home,micro-chipping, nutrition, pet insurance and prevention of puppy behavioural problems and we demonstrate how to brush the puppies’ teeth and practice grooming.

If there is time at the end of the session we give a tour of the practice and our facilities.

Each session is run by our vets or vet nurses. The puppy party starts at 7.30pm and lasts for 75 minutes or until the puppies are exhausted! We invite the puppies to attend after they have had their first vaccination, to ensure some protection against most of the infectious diseases that pose a risk. This also ensures most of the puppies are of a similar age group and level of socialisation. On departure we give each owner our ‘Endell Veterinary Group Guide to Puppy Training’ booklet so that all the topics covered can be revised following the sessions. You will also receive a complimentary “goody bag” for your puppy at this time.