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The Loss of a beloved pet can be an extremely difficult and sad time for you and your family. Staff at Endell Veterinary Group are always considering how we can best help you through this difficult time and our staff have recently become aware of a superb support service run by Dignity Pet Crematorium.

Dignity is a small family run service and provides guidance through every step of the process of arranging for your pet to be cremated. They only arrange individual pet cremations and will personalise their service to suit your needs. Pets can be collected from Endell Veterinary Group, your home or you can take your pet there yourself - whichever you feel is best.

Two members of our staff, Helen and Karen, visited their premises in Hampshire to find out first hand about the service. They found the staff at Dignity were extremely professional and cared about the needs of recently bereaved pet owners - looking after both pets and owners alike, treating both with respect and dignity during a difficult process - in surroundings that are peaceful and atmospheric and they couldn't fault them for their efficiency and excellent service.

If you would like to know more please call on 01722 333291 and speak to Helen or Karen 

We also offer pet cremation through Cambridge Pet Cremation. Their services include:

  • Individual cremation with your pets ashes returned to you in a casket or urn of your choice.
  • Communal cremation, where your pet will be cremated with other pets and then token ash is placed into a casket and then stored in one of CPC's columbaria situated in CPC's garden of remembrance.