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At Endell Veterinary Group we understand that when we tell you that your pet will need a general anaesthetic that this can be a very worrying time for you. Your pet’s safety is a high priority for us and to ensure this we

  • May recommend pre-anaesthetic blood tests to establish whether your pet’s organs will cope properly with any medications and surgery
  • May recommend giving intra-venous fluid support commonly known as a “drip” to support your pet’s organ function during surgery
  • Will select specific painkillers and sedatives for each individual patient taking into account any current medical problems. This helps relax your pet prior to surgery and often reduces the amounts of anaesthetic and medications that are required later
  • Will use modern fast acting anaesthetic agents
  • Will have a nurse monitoring your pet before, during and after surgery
  • Will use a special gas scavenging system to remove any anaesthetic gases from the operating environment
  • Place a tube, called an endotracheal tube, in your pet’s airway to supply anaesthetic and oxygen to your pet. Occasionally, such as during very short procedures, we use a facemask instead of a tube.

Our aim is to ensure a rapid and safe recovery for your pet. If you have any further questions or worries after reading this then please feel free to talk to one of our vets or nurses.


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