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Our Smallholders club was established at the beginning of 2013 with the main aim of the project to provide better communication between vets and smallholders.

Our smallholder club includes meetings incorporating both theory and practical, newsletters and access to a dedicated online forum. This is a place for getting quick vet advice, as well as exchanging contact details, husbandry tips and other useful information with similar smallholders in your area.

We have an extensive range of products available to suit smallholders, and offer discounts on our own range of animal licks and feed supplements to our members.

If you are interested in joining the smallholder club or would like more information, please telephone the practice on 01722 333291, alternatively contact a member of the team listed below:

John Hemingway BVSc MRCVS - 07557 684085
Hannah Bradon BVSc MRCVS - 07919375884
Barry Ewens SQP - 07876 823912
Rachel Light SQP - 07823 343260
Helen Vickery Practice Management Co-ordinator - 01722 333291

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