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Sheep production

At Endell’s we understand the ebb and flow of the sheep industry and strive to support our clients through all economic climates. Our recently launched, flock health initiative (pdf 37kb) has already proved popular amongst our larger sheep clients and aims to spread the cost of veterinary intervention, in the form of preventative health planning, across the whole year. The scheme has also given us the opportunity to get more involved in all aspects of flock health and management and, in doing so, improve the service that we provide to our clients.

Flock health planning

Flock health planning is instrumental in ensuring economically viable sheep production. At Endell’s we strive to intervene early to prevent disease rather than provide a ‘fire brigade’ service once things have already gone wrong. Our vets would be delighted to discuss your flock management with you to create a plan individually tailored to the needs of your flock.

Creating a flock health plan involves a visit to your farm to discuss issues such as worming policy, vaccination policy, external parasite control and nutrition. Following the visit we will produce a written health plan that gives protocols for all of the areas of importance to your flock including, lameness, lamb care, medicine use and biosecurity.

We have recently launched a flock health initiative (pdf 37kb) which, whilst open to all, is geared more towards our larger flocks (details below). We are however keen to create flock plans for all sheep keepers, from large commercial flocks to pedigree breeders and small holders. At Endell’s we believe in promoting preventative health planning to optimise the health and welfare of all sheep under are care.

If you are interested in joining the flock health scheme or would like to create or update your flock health plan please contact Louise on 07827818754

Worm egg counts (WEC) and other laboratory services

Controlling parasitic gastroenteritis (worms) in an effective but sustainable way, including reducing the development of wormer resistance, is a key component of profitable sheep production. Worm egg counts are central to this and at Endell’s our laboratory technicians are well equipped to analyse faecal samples in our in-house laboratory. Faecal samples can be brought directly into the practice or our vets are happy to visit your farm, to look at your animals and collect the appropriate samples. All WEC results are reported by one of our vets within 24 hours. We also have the facilities to analyse blood samples and skin scrapes in house, as well as access to outside laboratories for more specialised tests such as metabolic profiling in pre-partum ewes.

Unfortunately in some situations post-mortem examination can provide an extremely useful diagnostic tool. Our vets are able to perform post mortem examinations on farm, or we can submit carcases to the Veterinary Laboratories Agency (VLA). Small lambs can also be brought into the surgery in Salisbury for post mortem by our vets, if necessary. We are also able to offer a comprehensive service for investigating abortion outbreaks in conjunction with the VLA.


A specific sheep newsletter is mailed out to all our sheep clients every other month. These newsletters contain articles written by our vets as well as advertisements for special offers on drugs, wormers and vaccines.

Our recent newsletter can be found here.


We also offer a number of evening and daytime meetings for our clients, details of which can be found here.