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Dairy herd management

Over the last decade the dairy industry has dramatically changed as the size of the national herd has reduced. However cows per unit, per stockperson and yield per cow have increased. In order to serve this emerging dairy industry the veterinary profession is adjusting from being predominately reactive led to proactive.

At Endell’s we pride ourselves on helping our clients to maximise their productivity whilst safeguarding cow welfare through the application of sound clinical skills in combination with proactive performance monitoring and critique. For farms receiving regular, routine visits we provide monthly reports (pdf 286kb) summarising fertility, mastitis, cell count and nutritional parameters to provide a starting point for monitoring programmes. The monthly reports are complemented by quarterly meetings (pdf172kb) with the whole team during which performance is more formally reviewed and the area of focus and analysis for the forthcoming quarter are decided. We also produce quarterly benchmarking (pdf 496kb) between our routine herds to further help identify areas of poor performance.

Both the content of the monthly reports and the focus of the quarterly meetings are tailored to individual farms.

For herds which prefer a more relaxed approach TotalVet, Interherd, RumNut and DietCheck software are available to all vets to allow ad-hoc data analysis and problem solving.

These services are also available as a consultancy package .