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Poultry and game birds

Although we are not specialists in the field of poultry medicine we are periodically called upon to advise about the health, welfare and husbandry of small flocks of poultry and to investigate outbreaks of disease when they do occur. This may involve collecting samples for laboratory investigation or carrying out postmortem examinations (which are often best performed at the local Veterinary Laboratory Agency) in order to determine the cause of disease. When this has been done advice can be given regarding the best course of treatment and husbandry changes that can be made to prevent a reoccurrence of the situation.

We are increasingly being asked to provide veterinary advice to farmers and gamekeepers who rear pheasants and partridges. This is an area where the use of blanket medication with, for example, Emtryl and Avatec is coming under increasing scrutiny from Europe. We can advise on husbandry changes which may help to reduce the reliance on such drugs and also on their strategic use where necessary to minimise the risk of disease outbreaks. When a disease outbreak does occur we can investigate, often in conjunction with the local Veterinary Laboratory Agency, the cause. When this has been established we can advise on the best course of action. If medication is necessary we can provide the appropriate drugs for inclusion in the birds' drinking water or we can provide the necessary prescriptions to allow your feed supplier to include the medication in the birds' feed.